Fabulous Crannberry Recipes for the Holidays & all 5 Ingredients or Less

For starters how about greeting your guests with this fabulous cocktail.  We served these at Thanksgiving this year, but I can just imagine how perfect they would be at Christmas with sugar crystals on the rim of the glass.  Leave out the Silver Blue Agave Tequila, and you will have a perfect  sparkling mock tail for the kiddies or for someone like me that doesn’t drink all that much do to low blood sugar.

These are so easy and delicious.  Perfect as a main course with mashed potatoes and gravy or over rice.  They would be a fabulous appetizer too, if you can resist temptation and eat only a few.  They would be perfect at Christmas with some fresh green chopped chives on top.

We had these at Thanksgiving this year, but they would be perfect with their festive colors and flavors at Christmas.  Also a great recipe to use up any leftover canned apple pie filling or cranberries.
  And yes, that is my plate at Thanksgiving you are seeing, loaded to the max, no guilt for this gal, everything was prepared with lower sodium, and no bloat factor.  I kid you not, the next day after Turkey day, I had Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including my light pumpkin dessert, and I managed to even lose a pound.  I am a firm believer you can eat a lot of food if you watch the sodium content of your dishes.  None of these recipes were  lacking in flavor as you sometimes fear with low sodium dishes. They were full of flavor,as was my stomach  full of good eats.


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