Sauteed Onion & Spiced Apple Butter Gravy with Philly & Garlic Mashed Potatoes—Garlic–Mashed-Potatoes—Spiced-Apple-Butter-Gravy

   These are my two last sides, for our Thanksgiving feast, I wanted to share with you all.  The gravy was so good, I think you could serve it as a creamy onion soup, that way you won’t feel bad when you want to eat an entire bowl of it.  This recipe makes about 9 (4 ounce portions) of Sauteed Onion & Spiced Apple Butter Gravy.  It also goes perfectly with these easy and delicious Philly & Garlic Mashed Potatoes, that also serves about 9 people.  To let you in on a secret, I made these the night before Thanksgiving, to make turkey day a little easier for me.  They both reheated nicely in the microwave.  Well Thanksgiving is behind us, but these would be great at Christmas or any time of the year when you are wanting some good old fashioned comfort food.  Both were prepared with lower sodium content too, so only the Turkey was left feeling stuffed this year.


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