Tropical Bacon Baked Beans

These beans are not too sweet and a bit savory with bacon and fried onions.  I had seen Paula Deen on her show one time, share some beans that were similar, with pork & beans, bacon, molasses, crushed drained pineapple,  and fried onions.  I didn’t want these to be too sweet and was trying to make them a bit healthier too.  I used only 1 can of pork & beans then added 50 % less sodium black beans, no salt added Golden Sweet Corn, undrained crushed pineapple with 100% pineapple juice, fried onions, and of course bacon.  They were super easy and since you can mix everything in your baking dish, you will have no added bowls or pots to clean.  I also love that these baked beans have fruit and vegetables in them, for a well rounded side dish.  This recipe will make about 15 half cup servings.


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