Easy Homemade Holiday Candy


My kids and I had fun making these holiday treats. They can be prepared in minutes with little clean up. We made up stories about them as we went along. You see there is a gingerbread mallows man covered in white vanilla almond bark. We had fun coming up with reasons why he was in the “snow” as we called it. These are such a fun treat, you can really get creative with the toppings too. We used red and green chocolate candies to stick with our Christmas holiday colors. When you flip the candy over, you can see the man hidden inside. If you are making these for another occasion you could always use regular marshmallows and any colored candy topping.  For the complete recipe see the link above.
If you have not tried Kraft’s Gingerbread Mallows Men, I recommend you do.  They are so good in hot chocolate, coffee, and cider.

Melted almond bark.  You could also use white or dark baker’s chocolate if you prefer.

Gingerbread men covered in “snow”.  You could stop at this point and leave them as is.

To stick with our Christmas colors we added green and red candies.

I love that you can buy individual colors now of  M&M’s for easy holiday baking.

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