Light Strawberry Champagne Cake for Valentine’s Day.

Pretty and tasty pink cake batter.  If you flatten out the middle just a bit with your spatula it will bake up nice and flat.
Check to make sure cake is done by inserting a toothpick in center to see if it comes out clean.  Cake will also bounce back in center when gently touched.
Poke holes all over cake with the end of a large plastic spoon.
Spread your JELL-O mix on top of cake.
Then spread your strawberry champagne frosting on top of the pudding and sprinkle with white chocolate pieces.
I had a can of light whipped cream in the fridge in the strawberry flavor so I went ahead and added a heart on top (optional).
Well next month is Valentine’s and for all you out there I have a sure fire trick to get your special someone feeling the love.  Why not make your Valentine the most romantic cake ever in my opinion.  Strawberries, champagne, and white chocolate mmmmmmm….. if that doesn’t get your blood pumping just a bit I am not sure much else will.  Besides this trio of romantic possibilities the cake itself  is so pretty in pink and adorned with white chocolate shavings, it just oozes with Valentines charm. So you say you are not the baker, well have no fear this recipe is easy enough for a beginning baker to handle.  I almost forgot to mention the best part too… this is a no guilt treat, how you ask, well for one it is made with a reduced calorie, cholesterol and fat free egg product, no oil only fat free sour cream, and sugar free and fat free pudding mix.  Ok you caught me there is some fat from the frosting and white chocolate, not to mention, champagne but hey for a cake, I would say this one is just about as healthy as they come.  So even if you or your special someone are trying to lose a few holiday cookies, this is one treat you could partake in and don’t forget maybe later a round of “Valentines Day Wresting” to burn a few calories.  That’s right, I said wrestling, this is a family blog, and I am not that type of girl, well maybe I will be after some more of this romantic  Strawberry Champagne Cake!  Check out the link included for the complete recipe.

I hope you will join us for our first ever Crafting and Cooking from the Heart Contest Starting January 16, 2012.

To see where I party, check out my LINKY LOVE page.

14 thoughts on “Light Strawberry Champagne Cake for Valentine’s Day.

  1. That looks and sounds so tasy! I have an all boy (except me) household, but I think all will appreciate this treat… minus the champagne in the frosting for the kids.

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