My Button Bib Necklace


    If you saw my post earlier this week for the Pearl and Button Heart Necklace, then you know I was planning on making a bib style necklace, as seen on LMM .  Well I just couldn’t resist, these necklaces are so much fun to design and are super easy to do.  I decided to add some ribbon to the edges, too soften it up a bit.  I just love it!  I feel like a character in an old Victorian romance novel when I wear it.  With Valentines next week, who couldn’t use a touch of whimsy and romance in their everyday? Especially when your day is often filled with temper tantrums, dirty diapers, and spilled milk.  I am not going to do a full tutorial because the process is similar to the necklace I posted two days ago. The only difference is the shape of the felt, the color of the felt, and the addition of ribbon.  The ribbon was cut into 7 small pieces and then glued on to the edges of the bottom piece of felt.   If you give this easy craft a try, I would love to see pics of your wonderful creations.  Happy crafting everyone!  Remember to check your stash of old and unused buttons, to up cycle in this project.  I am now considering making a cuff bracelet in a similar fashion. I will share it when I do.
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4 thoughts on “My Button Bib Necklace

  1. Thanks Donna. I have another nap time project I tackled yesterday too. I made a purse up cycling an old sweatshirt. I also made 3 cute flowers to decorate it with from the arms and neck that I cut off of the shirt. Turned out soo cute, will share it soon. It only took about an hour to do.

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