Couture Shoes for $5

Me today in my new shoes.  I am also wearing a new  belt and scarf I made, cute don’t you think?  You can have them too, they are now on my Etsy shop.

   Ok this is what you are going to want to do if you would like to try this yourself.  First head on over to Walmart and purchase some ballet flats that they have on clearance for 5 bucks each.  They come in silver, grey, black, leopard print, white, tan, and brown.  These are the colors I chose and what they looked like before I coutured them up.

Now all you need to jazz these babies up and make them your own is some pretty buttons, scrap pieces of fabric, and hot glue or fabric crafting glue like E-6000 permanent bond glue.  
Of course you can use any colored buttons or fabric you like.  For this pair I used 8 small triangles on each shoe to make this design.  Then I glued 3 buttons to the top of each.  You will need to cut the back off the buttons to make them lay flat.  I used wire cutters.  I also cut the bow that came on the shoes off.

For this pair I used a medium size triangle piece of fabric on each shoe and just folded it like a fan before gluing it down.  Then I trimmed it a bit more after I glued it on with fabric scissors so that it was rounded like the tip of the shoe.  Then I added more buttons and again removed the bow with scissors that was on the shoes when purchased.

I did not fan this fabric, just left it flat and added my buttons.  LOL my shoes have their own shoe buttons.
You could also try this out on an older pair of shoes you are tired of.  Be careful not to use to much glue or it will run and doesn’t look good.  You will also want to let them dry completely over night before wearing if you use the crafting glue like I did. 
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