Happy Birthday Jerry!

It is my wonderful husband Jerry’s birthday today!  We had plans for a romantic weekend together but he has a horrible cold.  I hope he feels better soon.  I also hope he knows how much I love him.  I thought for your birthday I would do a post of the 10 reasons I love you. So here it goes.
1. You have been with me through it all, broke, fat, over worked, over stressed, sick, you name it.  Through it all you have always put our love and family first.  We have been through many ups & downs together over the past 14 years and I can think of no one else I would rather weather those storms with.
2.  No one else gets my jokes as much as you do.
3.  You make me smile.
4. You are a great daddy.
5. You roll over in the middle of the night when I kick you when you are snoring and don’t complain.
6.  You tell me I am beautiful even when I am looking less then polished.
7.  When something funny or good happens you are the first person I want to share the news with.
8.  You support me and my dreams.
9.  You have brought two of the most amazing boys into the world with me.
10. You are my LOBSTER!  I love you even more because you will get my corny “Friends” jokes.
I love you because you are you and nobody else would ever do.
Happy Birthday!

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