Easy Lace Braclet

I follow this blog called Little Miss Momma and she has a great tutorial on a tie bracelet.  I wanted to make one too but since my husband is usually at work when I get dressed I needed one I could slip on and not tie.  Here is the link to LMM’s bracelet tutorial (super cute).
I made the bracelet above with a garter from the dollar store.  I cut it to fit my wrist(keep in mind you need to be able to pull it on over your hand).  When you cut it you will want to pin it with two sewing pins first and cut in between them.  This will keep the elastic from shrinking back.  Then I found a large yellow scrap of sheer ribbon,  a thinner black scrap piece of ribbon, and a scrap piece of ribbon with pearls in it.  Yes I keep scrap pieces of ribbon (doesn’t everybody?).  I then cut them a bit larger then my bracelet since they need to be long enough to slide on over your hand.  Then I just layered them in the order I thought they looked best and stretched the elastic and garter so that I could pin all four pieces together at each end.  After that I sewed them with my machine in a single stitch down the middle length wise stretching the elastic as I went.  To finish it I sewed both ends back together which will connect the elastic back together so that you have a stretchy bracelet. 
I think the bracelet is really fun and feminine and kinda makes me feel like a rock n roll Diva when I wear it and it only cost me a dollar.
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7 thoughts on “Easy Lace Braclet

  1. wow that is so cute! Great job. I love making things cute and cheap. I am visiting from someday crafts linky party. Come and say hi. I am having a really fun giveaway next week. :)A mommy's Life…with a touch of YELLOWtyandwhitneyulrich.blogspot.com

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