Spring Wreaths (Rain, Snow, or Shine It’s Spring Time!)

I have a tutorial for you today of this inexpensive Spring wreath!

I made this one a week ago.  No need for a tutorial.  All you need is a wreath from the dollar store.  This is an 18 inch wreath with about 9 yards of ribbon tied onto it.   This is a great one to have the kids do and keep them busy.  You will need more ribbon if you decorate both sides.

My oldest son Joshua who stayed home sick today and the ribbon wreath.  We both have a sinus infection. He doesn’t feel good but he posed for a quick pic.  Little brother kept taking the wreath and trying to hula hoop with it.
Spring/Easter Wreath
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So here is a quick tutorial so you can make that first wreath pictured above. 
 All you
need is 2 baby
 blankets from the dollar store, hot glue, floral wire, and wide ribbon.

The two blankets I chose, very Springy!

You will cut out the flower and butterfly first then cut the blanket into  7 even strips .  I actually didn’t cut them into even strips because I thought it would look cool with different sized rosettes but If were to do it over again I would keep them all the same size.
After you have your strips cut out all you need to do is fold each strip in half and roll it up like you were rolling a towel.  The strips that have pieces missing you can still roll up.  Once it is all rolled you won’t be able to tell that part is missing.  Once they are rolled just hot glue the end so that it stays rolled then hot glue them all together in the shape of a wreath.  You can either hot glue the floral wire and ribbon in the center (like I did) or you could do it on the back side if  you don’t want to see it.  I wanted to be able to hang my wreath on a window and since  both sides would be showing,  I chose to put it in the middle.  Just attach it with a little more hot glue.
Then to finish it glue your butterfly and flower back on.

This entire wreath cost less then $4!!! 
 Rain, snow, or shine it’s Spring Time!

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