Get Your Craft On!

Well I probably should be Spring cleaning my house but find myself Spring cleaning my blog instead.  I love that all of those great bacon recipes are now linked all together.  So I have decided to link together all of the craft ideas, tutorials, and inedible posts for your enjoyment.  This way if you feel like getting your craft on and need a little inspiration, you will have access to many ideas with just one click! 

One of  a Kind Polka Dot Barrette

Four fun t-shirts to see, check it out.
Words Move Me Rosette Necklace

Pink & Turqoise Rosette Necklace

Little Girls Headband (or necklace) Pink Pearls & White Flowers


12 thoughts on “Get Your Craft On!

  1. Wow!! You are very talented :)! I can't wait to try your tutorials!So My Husbands Last name is Wetzel, I asked if he met anyone with that last name… I dont think he has a twin(That we know of lol), But I totally know what you mean! When you see someone and you think youve seen that person before!Thanks for linking up again :)!

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