Before & After Easter Mantel

Well I had been avoiding decorating our mantel since it is a little awkward.  We have a wood burning stove in front of it.  A must have here in chilly Northern Cali but it makes for some challenges.  Well I decided to go ahead and make it festive for Spring and here is what I did.  First I needed a focal point.  I made this inexpensive piece of art.

What you need:
Decorative Scrapbook Paper, silver paper cake plate, cookie cutters for Spring, and ribbon.

I used hot glue to attach everthing.

A mess I know it’s screaming help me…..
PS hate the gate but absolutely necessary with a toddler.

Not my best work but much more bright and festive for Spring.  After I used the
cookie cutters to trace for my art work I tied them with twine to the
ribbon and turned them into garland.  Then I added some Easter lanterns and other items
I had on hand. Now for a big redo, we are installing hardwood floors this weekend!!!
Wish me luck.  I will be sure to share my before and afters.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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