Hanging With My Peeps!

Well I have seen a few of these cute Peep inspired t-shirt tutorials on the web. I don’t usually dress my family up all matchy matchy.  I try and let my kids decide what they want to wear.  If it’s clean and decent, I am happy.  I pick my battles.  For example my older son, who is 8, decided a while back to wear his clip on tie with his t-shirt.  Hey, maybe he will start a trend.  Well I decided to make four t-shirts, Peep inspired, for us to wear next Saturday.  Here they are.

Peep Diddy for our Peep Daddy!!!

Peep Math for Mama


Peace I mean Peeps be with you, for big brother.


One cool Peep, for my littlest Peep (who just took his first bite of a peep yesterday)

Here is how I made these t-shirts.  All four only took about an hour.  I used fabric markers, fabric paint, t-shirts,  two Peeps, and two Kraft Marshmallow Bunnies.  Yes, it is true, I confess,  peeps were harmed during the making of this craft project.  I could have probably made a stencil, but since marshmallows and peeps are so cheap, and it saved time, I put my fabric paint on the marshmallows and used them as stamps.  Then I took a small brush and filled in if needed.  If you make a Peep shirt, I would love for you to leave me the link below, so everyone can check it out.  I love my Peeps at home and my Bacon Time Peeps, you all rock.  Thanks for playing with me.

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13 thoughts on “Hanging With My Peeps!

  1. These are flipping adorable! I totally should have made *a* a shirt. 😦 I didn't have the energy after buying THREE Easter dresses though. :/~K

  2. I'm always amazed at people who create without a full set of instructions in front of them. I think I was shorted when imagination was handed out.

  3. LOL Peeps are so fun, aren't they? I've loved seeing all the fun things people have been doing with them. I love your button–it's so wrong! LOL. Oh I love the food porn slide show. I'm so into looking at menus and food. I spend far too much time doing so.

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