Easy Easter Egg Chicks

So this was the first year that we made all of our eggs look the same for Easter.  I love how they turned out.  My eight year old did a great job.  I helped our little Lucas make one too.  Well all you need is hard boiled eggs.  For perfect hard boiled eggs this is what I do.

Place eggs in a large pot.  Cover eggs completely with water, about an inch over the tops of eggs works well.  Place on stove top over high heat.  Bring to a boil, when they start boiling, continue to boil uncovered for 1 minute.  Then cover with a tight lid and remove from heat.  Let set for 7 minutes for medium size eggs, 8 minutes for large. 

I didn’t measure my yellow dye.  After I cooled eggs in cold water.  I drained out the water from the pot until only half of the egg was covered.  Then I poured vinegar in until the eggs were completely covered with liquid and added a bunch of yellow food coloring.  We probably didn’t need this much vinegar but I didn’t want this part to take long. Then we patted eggs dry and used red and yellow color snaps to make the beaks, and blue for the eyes.  To complete our project we placed the eggs back in the egg carton filled with green Easter grass.

These color snaps are only a dollar at Walmart.  Coloring the eggs all at the same time in one pot was so much easier then how we usually do it. Next year I think we will leave the eggs white and make Easter Bunny Eggs using the color snaps.

Tweet Tweet, Happy Easter!
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