Mother’s Day Card & Earrings (and my Dad’s Chocolate Card)

Well I have finally wised up.  Since my Dad’s birthday falls close to Mother’s Day, I have decided each year, I should just send my folks their respective gifts or cards at the same time.  This way I won’t forget either one, not that I would do that.

I used a small screw driver to make two little holes for the earrings to go through.

The card is just pretty scrapbook paper, foam stickers, and letters.  The earrings are made by crocheting a single chain.  The longer the chain the bigger the earrings will be.  Then I just roll the chain up and hot glue it to felt making it look like a flower.  Then I glued the felt to the earring bindings.  I have made these with a pearl in the center, they are cute too.  You can also double up your yarn, and make multicolored earrings.  So what do you think?  I am considering adding them to my shop, along with fabric button earrings, and a few other styles I have been designing.

Love you Mom & Dad!
I sent my Dad dark chocolate.  Again I just used scrapbook paper and foam stickers. 
I have not made cards for my folks since I was a kid, it was fun, made me feel young again.

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