My New Earrings!

You probably all know that I make a lot of my own jewelry.  However I still enjoy supporting other Etsy shops.  I just recently received my new earrings that I purchased from  Mary Lou.   Forgive the shabby self taken photo below.  I just wanted to show you how cute my new Piggy earrings are on.  They are so lovely and change colors in the light.  I love how unique they are.

Here is a pic I swiped from the Etsy shop.
BIG OPALITE  glass carved PIG earrings  my design
BIG OPALITE glass carved PIG earrings Mary Lou Designs
I think they look even better in person because the color is really breathtaking in the light.
Well I am not sure if she will get more of these in stock but I just wanted to share my fun new Etsy
find.  BTW they arrived very quickly too and only cost $2.85 plus $2.95 shipping!!! What a great deal!
Thank you Mary Lou, I will treasure them always!  If you get more Piggy items in too, would you drop me a note, so I don’t miss them.  If anyone else out there has an Etsy shop with  unique piggy jewelry, leave
me a message below please, so I can check it out.

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