Riveting News, My New Hair Cut & Earrings!

OK I know it’s not riveting but I did get my hair cut last week and I thought I would share a pic with you all. If you had seen my recent cooking videos you know it was getting too long for my liking.  My little Lucas decided he needed to be in the picture too.   Well as long as we are covering such deep territory, how about a pick of my new earrings I found at the local swap meet. 

Well little things like this make me happy.  Having my husband home long enough to watch the kids so
I can run and get a hair cut and finding $4.00 piggy earrings.  BTW thank you to my hairstylist Rhonda who
always squeezes me in.  One more thing that made me happy this last week, having Nana and Papaw watch the boys on their visit so Jerry and I could go catch a movie together.  We saw Bridesmaids and it is a must see in my opinion, too funny.  When we got home, my toddler pictured above, who is never far from his mommy, gave me the biggest hug ever, that also makes me super happy.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make me smile.
What makes you all happy? 
PS one more thing that would make me happy, if you all would enter my give away that ends on Sunday!  Head to the top of the blog for the give away page.  Very low entries so very good odds.

PSS I am hanging out here today, won’t you join me:


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