Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Give Away Ending Soon!

I actually made this cake last 4th of July.  Just wanted to share it today since it would be a nice dessert to have for all those BBQs happening on this long holiday weekend.  The cake looks bumpy because it is my husbands favorite rainbow chip.  You could top any white cake or vanilla ice cream with this trio of berries for a fun fresh festive treat.

Well hang in with gfc issues please.  I like many other bloggers have had issues with signing in and  leaving messages.  If you want to message me and can’t on here, you can at mhilton05@yahoo.com.  At least I see my GFC follow button is back up and running, yeah!

I have four (maybe more) fabulous give aways kicking off in June!  I hope that these issues will be gone so that you all can enter to win lots of fun stuff.

Don’t forget to head to the top of my blog for the give away page.  We have one give away that will be ending today!  If you can’t leave a message on her you can email me and I will add your comment(s) to the pool if you get them in on time.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!  I will be back later to announce our lucky winner!


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