Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial with 4th of July Wreaths & Jewelry

Like my new wreath? It cost me only about $3 worth of new material.  I up cycled one of my toddlers old flip flops to accessorize it.  Perfect up cycle since I only know where one flip-flop is lol.
Here is what I used:
1 wicker $ store wreath
red rope found at Walmart
patriotic colored ribbon found at Walmart (already had on hand).
One red heart wooden bead found at the dollar store (already had on hand)
Foam Letters found at the dollar store (already had on hand)
old out grown flip flop
hot glue
I didn’t take pics while I made it because it’s just too easy to make and didn’t seem necessary.  Hot glue one end of the rope to the back side of wreath and then proceed to wrap it around the entire wreath.  When you have it completely covered, cut rope, and hot glue down the end rope piece.
I washed the flip flop first with soap and water, dried it, and hot glued it to the wreath.  Then I made a bow with ribbon and hot glue and glued a heart bead to the center of it.  Then hot glued the entire bow to the wreath.  The foam letters self stick so I just stuck them on.
While I am sharing my fun 4th of July wreath,  let me show you another wreath that I was lucky enough to win from Kimberly of  Bugaboo, Mini Mr. and Me.

Isn’t if fun!  Kimberly is so tallented, thanks again for my fun wreath.  I have it on the inside of our front door because I didn’t want the sun to dry out the balloons.  It is reversible too, the other side is red, white, and green and will be up at Christmas time.

I made some fun patriotic earrings with just some earring findings, four buttons, and two wooden red beads.
My eight year old son actually made this pretty blue and white bracelet for me.  It could pass for patriotic but I actually love it’s nautical look.  I decided to make some earrings to match.
Well what are you all tackling this Tuesday? 
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9 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial with 4th of July Wreaths & Jewelry

  1. Hi Mindie! Darling wreath! I just send you another email with all our giveaway pictures and info . . . will you please let me know if you received it or not? Thank you so much!Camille @Sixsistersstuff@gmail.com

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