Four Winners !!!!

Hope Everyone had a lovely 4th of July. 

Let’s start with announcing the winner to the bottle cap necklace. One winner was chosen over at Sweep Tights facebook page and one here.  Out of 50 entries on this site, the lucky ducky winning entry is #2 Jenn Erickson!
Congratulations it looks like the early bird got the worm once again on Bacon Time.

The lucky winning entry out of 91 entries is #41, that means Heather Nash congratulations for winning the beautiful purple flip-flop pillow courtesy of Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom.

MADE TO ORDER Cream Swarovski Pearl Ring

The Reedmor jewelry certificate out of 57 entries goes to winning entry #30, that means congratulations Kat Emerick.  Oh what  pretty will you pick out at Reedmor you lucky Chicky!

Finally out of 103 entries, congratulations to winning entry # 65, that means Emma Peel you won!  Oh what will your custom cookie order be from the Enchanted Oven?

Congratulations to our winners once again.  If you haven’t had a chance to enter, I have a new necklace give away going on now, see the give away page on the right side bar.


5 thoughts on “Four Winners !!!!

  1. DANG IT! I guess I will have to go buy the things I was waiting to win! Not a bad thing since I love shopping! Congrats to all the luck winners!! I am so jealous!

  2. Hi Mindie! Sorry to hear about the snafu with your email. I sent my address again, but if it doesn't go through a second time, perhaps we can DM through Twitter or send a private message through Facebook?Jenn

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