Feature Friday # 4

It wasn’t our biggest party, but I know many of us were super busy with 4th July parties.  However size isn’t everything, lol, and the links were amazing, what talent! I wish I had time to feature each and every one that linked up over the holiday weekend.  I am super thankful you all shared a little of your holiday free time with me.  With out further ado here are my lucky 7 features!

Following His Light had a great tutorial for a knock-off Fossil bracelet.  I love jewelry, which I am sure you know if you follow my blog at all.  I also love that her bracelet cost less then 1/5 of the price of the department store bracelet.  Thanks Kelly for linking, can’t wait to make my own.

Joyful Baker shared an oh so tempting banana cream pie. I love banana cream pie and while growing up, my dad wasn’t a big fan, so my mom never made it.  On the rare occasion we ate out, my mom would sometimes let me order a slice.  This version from the Joyful Baker is adapted from a Paula Deen recipe, another favorite lady of mine, and has of course Philly cream cheese in it, yum! 

Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons had the cutest piggies to share.  No surprise here, your bacon time Momma just loved these.  Piggies always make me smile.

shelstring inspired by the Capri Sun bags you can purchase in retail stores made her own fabulous tote.  I love fashion that  is earth friendly.

La-Dee-Da Creations has a summer project for you to get the kids off the couch.  I just love these garden stones.  My husband is the Gardner in our home and I am going to share this project with him.

crafting    La Dee Da Kids: Garden stones

Crazy Wonderful has a precious applique t-shirt tutorial.  So cute, the shirt and the darling that’s in it.  I just love how you could use this tutorial to design so many different styled ts.  I will need to keep this one in mind when doing school shopping this year.

Crafty Soccer Mom had these sassy feather earrings.  So pretty, I want my own pair!  My list of things I want to try just keeps on growing.

Thanks again everyone for coming, hope to see you link up and share this week too!  The Party Mindie Style linky will be up this afternoon.  If you have been featured feel free to grab one of the two featured buttons, or both, they are pretty cute 🙂


5 thoughts on “Feature Friday # 4

  1. Howdy! I got your comment about giving away a pattern, no problem & I totally understand about not wanting to do it here since it isn't an actual finished object. I'm hoping to do something like that sometime, but not yet… Anyways, you asked about a button & I just wanted to say that I made a button this am & put it up on the website. I'm planning on setting up a "friends of…" section or page, it's on my list of things to do but I'll definitely include you when I get there! I'm not real good at website stuff, but I'm learning.

  2. Eeeeee!!! Thank you so much for featuring my little on in her t :DOMG… I just saw your pig button and totally shot water out of my nose. That's freaking hilarious!

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