Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial Belt Bracelets, Belts, or Napkin Rings

Belt Bracelets
You can use this tutorial to make belt bracelets, belts, or even napkin rings.

What you will need:

5×10 inches of fabric(for bracelet)
belt loops

Here is my 5×10 inch piece of fabric.  Obviously you could use this same tutorial to make a waist fabric belt just use more fabric.  I have a small wrist, so you might want to use 5×11 if you think you would like it to be larger.
Fold fabric in half, good side facing in, and sew one end shut and the open side as well, leaving only one end open. I used approximately a 1/4 inch seem.
Before you reverse it to have the right side showing, cut the two excess corners off as shown (but don’t cut seem).

After you have flipped the right side out, tuck in the un sewn side, and sew shut.  Of course trim off excess thread.

Now take that same edge and fold it around your two belt loops.  I folded the corners in a bit too, so they wont show when on.  Now sew it down so your loops are secure.
Super easy, great beginner project.
Here is a fun idea. For your next book club, girls night in, or any girly party you have planned, make a set to use as napkin rings, then let everyone  take a fun bracelet home!

Don’t forget to check out your scrap drawer to before buying new fabric.  If you make yourself one, I would love for you to link it up at our Party Mindie Style Linky  here at Bacon Time, that runs weekly Friday at 2pm til Monday night.

Sew (LOL) what have you been tackling?

PS, not in the crafty sewing mood… no problem
Belt Bracelets
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5 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial Belt Bracelets, Belts, or Napkin Rings

  1. What a great scrap buster! Once you start sewing, you can't throw ANYTHING out, LOL! Great job, mama!Happy to be your newest follower, Adriannehappyhourprojects.blogspot.com

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