Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial Ring Display & Holder

I just worked my first Saturday as a vendor at our local farmer’s market and craft fair.  I needed a ring display that didn’t break the bank.  I love what I came up with. My sweet 8 year old son Joshua spray painted it a glossy black for me.  It will hold  60 to 180 rings. There is plenty of room on each wood spoke to hold 1 to 3 rings.  If you are into sewing, you can probably guess what it is meant for.  That’s right, it is made to hold your thread spools but we gave it a new purpose.   Thank you Joshua for all your help with this pretty new display and at the craft fair.  You are such a wonderful son. 

The wood thread organizer, that we used as a ring display, came unstained and was
found in Walmarts’ sewing department for $10.

I know it will get lots of use at future craft fairs.  Being a bit of a jewelry lover myself, I might even use it for my own pretties.

So what do you think?  It matched my large jewelry organizer that I also took with me to the fair (pictured below, and seen in an earlier tutorial).

I bought a 10×10 pop up gazebo to use at the show, and hung this with large metal rings to the top bar of it.  It worked well and took up no booth space.

Well what have you been tackling lately?


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