Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial DIY Gumball Jars Guest Post

I am so thrilled to have Nicole the blogger of Crafty Soccer Mom here today.  She is super sweet, has an incredible blog with lots of great tutorials, just like this fabulous one she has for us today!  Take it away Nicole…
Hi Everyone!
I am so honored to be on Bacon Time..Mindie is awesome!  I mean the girl loves bacon and pigs, need I say more? No..but I will!  Seriously, Mindies blog is so much fun, there is always something going on, and her linky party’s are fantastic, and the fact that she loves piglets makes my heart melt, cause I too love me some pigs!  Mindie has been so kind and helpful to me, and always so supportive.  I can’t thank her enough..Thank you Mindie!  Ok..enough about her geesh lol πŸ™‚
Here is a little about me…My name is Nicole and I am a 30 something SAHM of two awesome boys.  I LOVE to craft and try to make something new every chance I get.  Using recycled products is always my favorite..I love turning trash to treasure.  My blog is only a couple months old, so I’m a newbie, but thanks to people like Mindie, I’m getting the hang of things.
So today I would like to show you my DIY Gumball Jars.  I have been making them for YEARs, but I have noticed they have become pretty popular these days.  When I first started out making these, I used Baby Food Jars….Like in the picture below..
These are cute, and fun, plus you can recycle all those empty baby food jars! 
Let’s get started on the tutorial of my updated version of these Gumball Jars.
Here are my supplies:
Red Acrylic Paint
Small Terracotta Pot
Small Terracotta Pot Saucer
Small Glass Bowl
Acorn Dowel Cap
All these supplies can be found at your local craft store..except possibly the gumballs.  
This is a glance at what the set up for this will look like…but first you need to paint your pot and saucer Red.
Or any other color you prefer..you can color coordinate these with up coming holidays or what ever color matches your decor or tickles your fancy πŸ™‚
After the paint is dry, add your E600 to the bottom of the pot, not quite all the way to the outer edge because it will spread when you place the glass bowl on top.  
See here, I put it almost to the edge
Next I glued the Acorn Dowel to the upside down saucer (your lid)
Now you take your little bag of Gumballs and pour them into the glass bowl..this is my youngest son’s favorite part..he always gets right in there when this project is done!
And here’s your Gumball Jar!  SO STINK’N CUTE!  I painted the top piece silver..just to spice it up.  These are so much fun, I have made them for a ton of people.  My husband has a big one at his office and customers LOVE it.  The fun part is that there are options..different sizes, colors, and you can fill them up with any sort of candy you like.  I filled my Mother-in-Law’s up with Hershey Kisses and it was so cute.
When people want a Gumball..and trust me they will want one..they just lift up the lid and grab one!
I realize that there are different skill levels of crafters out there, so if you have ANY questions please feel free to ask, I’d love to help you through it.
I really hope you enjoyed my tutorial..and I hope to see you over at my my blog sometime, and thank you again Mindie for this awesome opportunity..you rock sister!

Well I am still blushing over here.  Thanks Nicole for your kind words and great tutorial. Seriously folks check out Nicole’s blog, I promise you will be happy you did, I know I am.


14 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial DIY Gumball Jars Guest Post

  1. I use to make these years ago, but very large scale.I love the idea of using baby food jars,how cute is that and my stepdaughter came over lastnight and mentioned she had a ton of those jars saved for me if I wanted them.Thanks for sharing them!Going to go check out your blog now.

  2. Thank you Ladies! I have a lot of fun with this particular craft, it's a great gift for that someone in your life that has everything πŸ™‚ Thank you again Mindie, for everything, you're the best!NicoleCraftysoccermom.blogspot.com


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