DIY Lighted Home Accent And More

Ever since we had Nicole from Crafty Soccer Mom on Bacon Time share her adorable gumball holder DIY project, I have been wanting to try making one of my own.  I have been trying to avoid candy, so I put my own twist on it.  My son and I worked on this together. 

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6 thoughts on “DIY Lighted Home Accent And More

  1. GORGEOUS! I totally love it…and you totally nailed it by saying you can fill it up with anything. For instance, I made one for my Dad for his birthday, and filled it up with peanuts, his favorite. So good for you for getting totally crafty with it, and I adore your spin off. Kudos Mindie! I actually used Acrylic Paint, but Terracotta paint would work great too. Spray paint is even better, quicker and smoother. I love the blue that your son picked out, its a beautiful color and I think you will be able to do wonders with it. Did you see my shout out on my blog last night? Crafty Soccer Mom thinks Bacon time is pretty awesome :)

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