Fantastic Features # 12

Thank you to everyone that linked up last week.  Besides having some fabulous shops, crafts, and give aways to enter, I had some very tasty posts to sink my teeth into. It was hard to pick only 7.  I found as I was visiting your blogs, a sense of happiness for Fall to be here came over me.  Here are some of my favorite links from last weeks linky party.
Sugar Beams and Other Half Baked Adventures linked up their Butter Rum Cupcakes.
 These cupcakes look so amazing, and I must admit buttered rum and I go way back. 😉  I am getting so excited about Fall and Winter, and these cupcakes sound perfect for the up coming holidays.

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7 thoughts on “Fantastic Features # 12

  1. Ack! I am starving for sweets now!! That is some good look'n desserts up there and some awesome crafts as well…good choices Mindie…and I hate you just a little bit for posting those goodies on there lol :)

  2. Glad you got your craziness fixed! All of your features are fabulous! Thank you for featuring my Turtles…they are like me this week…slow! I love the fall too, the cool crisp air and the change, I think is what I like the most. Each season has so much to offer. That is what I love about your blog, so much to offer, so many different things 🙂 Love the date night thing you are doing too! My hubby of 18 years (as of Sept 3)and I started "dating" last fall and havent missed a Friday since then!

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