Anything Goes Linky #15 & Pinterest Party!


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16 thoughts on “Anything Goes Linky #15 & Pinterest Party!

  1. Love it! I love Pinterest, I"m just starting to "get it." I linked up my profile, and my number one pinned recipe (apple nachos). Thanks for throwing a great party!

  2. Hi, my name is Jocelyn and I am addicted to pinterest!!! hee hee! I linked up my profile and then added some links to your other party! Thanks for the fun link ups!!!

  3. I love pinterest! I love the idea of linking up profiles, I just did mine and can't wait to go through and start following these amazing girls. Once again thanks so much for hosting!

  4. I've been following you on Facebook for quite some time. The bacon thing, I'm sure. Anywhooo I don't think I've been to your blog until now. So I'm all linked up and following via GFC and Pinterest. Thank you and I'll Be Back!

  5. Hi Mindie! Thanks for hosting. I have shared my Pinterest page…love Pinterest by the way! I have also shared my Jack Skellington Cake Pops and M&M'S Cupcakes that dont need frosting! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi my name is Crafty Soccer Mom..and I am addicted to Pinterest..buuwahahhaa! I spend entirely way too much time on Pinterest..It is so addicting..Thanks for hosting and what a fun idea!Have a great weekend missy!

  7. Hi! Thanks for hosting the party 🙂 I am a totally Pinterest junkie and I could waste whole days just browsing around for pretty pictures and inspiration. It's MUCH worse than any other social media for me.

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