Desperate 4 Date Night Linky and 11 Year Wedding Anniversary Pics

My husband and I celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary this week.  We had a date night in and had fun taking some romantic pics.

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21 thoughts on “Desperate 4 Date Night Linky and 11 Year Wedding Anniversary Pics

  1. Hey Mindie the toes and pearls was a great idea, I have creepy long toes too. My second toe is so long that everyone jokes it looks like a finger on my foot! Your look very normal..promise and I love the blue polish

  2. Hot Momma! LOVE your pics, your hubby is truly talented, and he is so very lucky to have such a stunning wife, you are gorgeous Mindie, inside and out 🙂 Glad you two had such a wonderful anniversary!

  3. I think these pictures are lovely! 🙂 Happy 11 year anniversary also!~ This year will be our 11th also. Kind of crazy that so many years can go by so quickly!~Lisa @

  4. Now that my friend is an awesome date night! I would have NEVER thought of that!!! No need to have any self image issues darling, you are beautiful. You may not be a model but you could sure fool the world. That last pic is exquisite. Your hubby has some mad photography skills!!!

  5. Your photos turned out GREAT! What a fun night. I did something similar when my hubby was preparing for deployment. My little one wasn't very old and I still had the baby fat and weighed more than I ever had in my life, I can understand struggling with your self image and I'm so glad that you pushed passed that and still did this fun date! PS- Your dress is beautiful! And I love the toes. (I have creepy long toes too!)

  6. I think I just became your 100th networkedblogs follower! What do I win? ;)LOVE your date night pics! That lace bracelet is an awesome cuff. Big and yet feminine (like me).I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.Jeanine

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