Infusion Design Studio $100 Give Away Coming Soon!

Infusion Design
Infusion Design Studio is giving away this week at Bacon Time for Blogmania a
 $100 gift certificate for graphic design.  That means if you use blogger, you could have a whole new look soon for your blog!  If you are on word-press you could use the certificate to pay for a generous portion of your redesign.  You all know how much work graphic design can be, and that your Bacon Time momma has had  her rounds of trouble with it.  How wonderful would it be to have an expert do it for you. 
Take a minute to say hi to our lovely sponsor on facebook
HERE. Go ahead and “like” them too, that way you will be ready to go for the give away. I would love for you to leave a comment on facebook, letting Jessica (the designer) know Bacon Time sent ya, who knows maybe you will earn some brownie points LOL.

4 thoughts on “Infusion Design Studio $100 Give Away Coming Soon!

  1. Okay, I'm an idiot. After reading your post again, slower this time (I was too excited the first time obviously) I see the giveaway is COMING this week. So please ignore my neediness in my other two comments. 🙂

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