Anything Goes Linky # 18


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Please link up your Halloween and Fall posts to our new ongoing linky that will be available all year on the right side bar or you can find it  HERE.  No new button to grab, just link up your Fall holiday posts to promote them year round!
Remember to take advantage of our ONGOING GIVE AWAY linky  (find page at top of blog).
It’s Blogmania time, have you entered my two give aways going on now?  I have a wonderful give away from Karma Crochet and my Blogmania give away valuing approximately $180
 (see give away page at top of blog).

12 thoughts on “Anything Goes Linky # 18

  1. Thanks everyone for coming. This weekend I am working as a vendor at my bigest craft fair yet, and last one for the year (yeah). Momma needs a new pair of shoes, lol, wish me luck. Can't wait to look at all the links soon.

  2. Hello Mindie,Thank you so much for your compliments and inviting my to your Blog. I've linked my stuff, thanks for this opportunity.You're welcom to visit Siem & Zo anytime ;-)All the best,Simone

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