What I Have Been Wearing and Hair Color Advice Needed

That title should read "What I Have Been Wearing  Making".  I did manage to get out of my robe, but not as much as I would have liked this last week.  I got dressed up for a girls night out, for drinks and a movie.  Of course we saw Breaking Dawn.  I loved it.  Yes, I wanted more from the love scene, but what can I say, I admit it, I am a dirty girl.  Other then that, I dressed pretty low key this week, since I have been busy working on contacting sponsors for our Breaking Dawn giveaway event we had last week.  I have also been busy making some new pretties for my shop TLC Creations, just in time for Winter.  Check out some of the new lovely editions.
Bracelet Snow Day

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9 thoughts on “What I Have Been Wearing and Hair Color Advice Needed

  1. Complete stranger chiming in here…Judging by your picture I think burgundy would look very dramatic! Just make sure you trust your colorist to get it right. My burgundy also turned eggplant, the fancy way of saying purple…ick.

  2. I think that hair color would look great on you BUT beware it will fade fast!. You will find yourself going back for a re-color sooner than you may like. I had a lot of blonde highlights, and decided to grow it out and have the "natural" look. So my hair dresser put a reddish color all over (twice, 2 weeks apart), and now you can see where the highlights were a little. Its faded tons, but I use a brown shampoo to bring out the color once a week. It is only hair and you can always change it and color it if you decide you don't like it 😉

  3. Also a complete stranger offfering her opinion on your hair :)I would personally get a nice brown with burgundy streaks, because like Nicole said, any red color is going to fade pretty fast. If you get a nice brown, though, by the time it fades it will look natural highlights if your stylist did it correctly. Post pictures with whatever happens, please!

  4. Right now I am a little anti hair-coloring! My daughter went from being a natural blonde to black with a temp color back in spring, it never washed out just faded slightly to a dark brown, it is half grown out now and she has wanted her blonde hair back for a long time, the hairdresser tells us it would be a very damaging process to take her back to blonde, a couple hundred dollars per visit and multiple visits needed. We tried to dye it back blonde recently and it barely faded the still dark brown, yet lightened her natural blonde. If you don't want to keep it dark for long it will be a pain to go back to normal. The burgandy is pretty and I do think you could pull it off, just make sure that is what you want.By the way I love the new stuff you are making in your shop!

  5. I have been a stylist for 17 years, so I do have some experience as I specialize in color. If you did not like red, you will not like burgundy!I can not tell the color of your eyes in the photo. Let me know what they are. There are different color families of red. Cool and warm. Copper is warm, burgundy is cool. What red did you have before?

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