Anything Goes Linky #28 and Felt Tree Ornament

Before we jump into the linky, I wanted to share another easy Christmas tree ornament we made for our tree this year.  This is a quick and frugal craft (like most of mine are).  Here is what you will need:
Plastic Foam Stars (we found them at the Dollar Store)
Hot Glue
Using your scissors and paper, make a cone the size you would like your tree to be.  This way you won’t waste your felt, and you can use the paper cone as a pattern.  Remember to leave room for the cone to over lap, so you can glue it together in the back.  Now cut out your felt cone.  Then take a piece of twine, and make a loop, and knot.  Shape your felt into a cone, and have the loop of twine sticking out the top of your felt tree.  The knot should keep it from falling out (but you can add some glue  if needed).  Then glue your felt tree together in the back.  Then using a little more hot glue, add some ribbon and your star.  
I am so behind on sharing  the Christmas crafts I have been working on.  I am even more behind on our photo cards we send out each year.  We haven’t even taken our family pics yet.  Good thing I am married to our photographer.  Amen to 1 hour photo printing, I am going to need it.  Well you see what I have been up to, now show me what you have been doing.
Let’s get this Linky started!



16 thoughts on “Anything Goes Linky #28 and Felt Tree Ornament

  1. Great linky party Mindy! So many amazing recipes and Christmas craft ideas! I've linked my Santa Hot Chocolate recipe. Please stop by my blog as I'm hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange Linky Party. Your donut snowmen would be a great addition! Thanks for hosting

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