Snowmen Donuts

Well it was the first day of school break for Christmas vacation, and I thought we should have a special treat to celebrate.  We  made these cute snowman donuts, that were super easy.  These are the ingredients we used, but use your imagination and what you have on hand, to make your own.  
Powdered Donuts
Mini Powdered Donuts
Powdered Donut Holes 
(we could not find them, so we covered glazed donut holes with powdered sugar)
Blue Decorating Cookie Icing
Chocolate Sprinkles
Tootsie Rolls
Mini Reese’s
Betty Crocker’s Easy Writer Edible Markers
  They would have been cute with scarves, which you could do with more frosting.  We flattened a tootsie roll for the brim of the hat.  We used red and orange edible markers to make an orange carrot nose.  The sprinkles we pushed into the donuts to stay in place.  If you are going to be transporting these treats, you would want to secure them together with tooth picks or icing in between each donut.
Happy Christmas Vacation Kiddos!
Check out my LINKY LOVE page for where I party.

12 thoughts on “Snowmen Donuts

  1. Thanks a lot! Now I want donuts! 😉 Very cute snowman donuts. I was planning on making something similar on Christmas morning. Hope they turn out as cute! Merry Christmas!!!

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