I have two lucky random winners to announce today.  First up, lets announce the winner of the 3 Pure Integrity Soy Candles.  Out of 164 entries, the winning # is 113, that means congratulations to Holly S from Bitchen and Stitchin you won!

Now for our SenaBag Clutch winner, out of 301 comments, the winning # is 197, that means congratulations oksana you won!

Dark grey Clutch/
SenaBag Etsy Shop

Thank you to our sponsors.  Please leave a comment below if you won, and contact me via email at to claim your prize.  I have been having issues with my email, so if you don’t here from me, please message me at my shop TLC Creations.

 Make sure to enter our two other giveaways going on now, and I have a special giveaway planned for this weeks Linky Party so stay tuned!


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