Mini BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza Bites

Well this will be my last appetizer to share this week preparing you for those New Year's Eve parties.  Of course these would be good anytime, in fact we are calling them an early dinner tonight.  These BBQ Bacon Chicken Bites are like little mini deep dish pizzas.  They received a round of thumbs up from my picky bunch of eaters, which is no small task.  I hope you will give them a try, they are so easy to make.  Here is what you need for 16 appetizer servings:

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10 thoughts on “Mini BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza Bites

  1. Yum.Mee! These look so good. I will have to try!Stopping over from Homemaker On A Dime's linky party. I just became your newest follower and would love to have you check out my blog and follow me (if you're so inclined.)Thanks!Sarah

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