I Got Banged In The New Year!

Get your minds out of the gutters cochinas (dirty girls 😉 I am referring to my new bangs!  Yes your Bacon Time momma went and cut her own hair again.  This time I am having flash backs to the 80s but in a good way, at least I think so, and I hope you will agree.  At least this time around the bangs are soft, and not sticking straight up with the power of Aqua Net!

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8 thoughts on “I Got Banged In The New Year!

  1. Got Banged…buwhahahahhahaha…OMG I you crack me up! They look good on you! I went to bangs about 6 years ago..tried growing them out a few times, but then cut them again :)Um..also loving the Shoe Clip idea! Genius!! SO stink'n cute. I love that you show us your outfits..I wish I was brave enough to do it..I say this as I'm sitting here in my workout clothes and a bathrobe..I know I know..Hotness right? Ugh..NOT :)Crafty Soccer Mom

  2. LOVE the title!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I think your bangs look fabulous, and they DO make you look younger!!I love that your husband got that picture of you blowing them out of your eyes, lol! Thanks for the shout out, you're adorable!

  3. I like your bangs, I have naturally curly hair so I have always dreamed of having hair that swooshes when you toss your head- yours does that! We always want what we don't have….Hubby and I went to see GWTDT, we loved it but had watched the original ones , sub-titled, and I like them better. I also read the books but they are complicated and hard to follow. Sorry to amble, "watching football" with my hubby. Enjoying being off from school, I', a pre-k teacher. Keep up the great posts!

  4. LOL!!! … a term used mainly in America according to Google. 'Down Under', we call them fringes. I've always had a fringe, as I think it softens the face and takes off age. It really suits you!!!

  5. Very nice jewelry! I loved the bracelet!Well done about the bangs! I wear bangs for decades, and now I'm trying to change the style a bit… but I don't recognize myself and I think I'll go back to my normal style!

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