Easy Healthy Tater Tot Pie!

Now I know what you are thinking, how can a Tater Tot Pie be healthy. Well hear me out, this new recipe of mine was not only easy but on the lighter side.  I used lean ground turkey, Campbell's Broccoli Cheese Condensed Soup ( the Heart Healthy variety,which is lower in sodium and 98% fat free), lots of mixed frozen veggies, fat free milk, and just a 1/2 cup of Weight Watchers shredded cheese.  No I didn't sneak in any bacon or butter, but we still enjoyed this healthier Tater Tot Pie. 

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11 thoughts on “Easy Healthy Tater Tot Pie!

  1. Anonymous, I am sorry you are having trouble printing. You should just be able to left click, hilight, and print selected. I don't have any anti copy software on my sight, so I have no idea why it would not let you do so.

  2. This is really good! I am pinning it now on my Pinterest!!Saw your post at Tuesday Treasury. I want to be a follower but for some reason the internet won't let me! I'll try again later 🙂 Would love if you could come and visit :)xoxoMyrichttp://myricandreasen.blogspot.com/

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