Giveaway and Review Paper Mate InkJoy Pens and a Fingerprint Safe!

Trust no one 😉
Especially with your new Paper Mate InkJoy Pens!
No worries because today you all have a chance to win a wonderful pen theft prevention kit including a high quality safe that will open with your thumbprint!!!
Paper Mate's NEW InkJoy pens have a revolutionary new ink system which features the smoothness of a gel pen with the fast-dry of a ball point.  It's a wonderful pen to write with, available in lots of colors, and is affordable too. 

Paper Mate sent me to review  a pen theft prevention kit and you have a chance to win one too! 
 The kit includes:
·         A 10-pack of revolutionary new Paper Mate InkJoy pens
·         Fingerprint Safe – to store your InkJoy pens at all time. Your fingerprints are the only key.
·         Pen Theft Prevention Poster – to hang in your workspace to raise awareness of pen theft and deter potential thieves.
·         Office Crime Watch Decal – so pen thieves know that area is protected.

When I received the kit, I was surprised by the wonderful quality of the safe. I honestly thought it was a joke, a fingerprint safe for your pens, I didn't expect such a nice safe.  After using the new pens, I see that they will be highly coveted, so you will be needing that safe to protect them from being stolen. The pens write very easily, smoothly, and dry instantly.  

To enter to win your own pens and theft prevention kit with thumbprint safe, use the Rafflecopter form below. 
 (Rafflecopter may take a few seconds to load)
After you enter make sure to head to the Paper Mate Facebook page here for another fun Sweepstakes they are having until March 25, 2012.

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