Easy Glass Clover Ring Tutorial

Today I am sharing a super easy clover ring I made with a green sharpie and a glass gem from the Dollar Store.  Since you can get a large bag of these gems from the Dollar Store, this would make a nice frugal gift for a girls St. Patties party.  You can even use an old birthday card for the card stock, like I did.
Here is all you need:

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11 thoughts on “Easy Glass Clover Ring Tutorial

  1. GRRRRR! I had an idea super duper similar to this I was going to post on my blog today you little stinker! LOL..you beat me to it. Great minds think a like 🙂 Wishing you a great week!Hugs,Crafty Soccer Mom

  2. LOL you can still share too. Yours probably turned out better then mine anyways 🙂 I made this one last night, I had a craving for one last St. Patties craft. I think I am all greened out for this year. My hubby just got back late Friday and got called out of town on a mission yesterday. I am house sitting our new family member all by myself. She is so smart, amazing, how much I already love her.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of St Patricks Day crafts to begin with, but I did a few this year 🙂 I ended up posting it anyway cause I needed to post, I've been absent from my blog all weekend 😦 I'm so glad that she is part of the family already, that's great. She sounds like a sweet girl! It's nice to have a dog around the house 🙂

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