PicMonkey Photo Editing and Free Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Original pictures above taken by Katie Zumpano Photography.

Have you all had a chance to check out PicMonkey yet?  As someone who loved Picnik, I am even more excited with PicMonkey.  It seems quick and easy to use.  You can edit your pics just like you did on Picnik.  They even have new editing options that were not available on Picnik.  All of these options are FREE at the moment, but they will eventually have a membership fee for those that want to use their coolest features. Here are some examples of what you can do on PicMonkey:

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15 thoughts on “PicMonkey Photo Editing and Free Mother’s Day Gift Idea

  1. That's an awesome idea! I love Picmonkey (and also loved Picnik, so I was super happy when Picmonkey came along) but I haven't played with all the tools yet. 🙂 Might have to try this…

  2. Picmonkey can do amazing things to your photos! We love using it! We hope to see you back next week to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  3. I have been discovering all these neat things in picmonkey, didn't know you could do this… I must give it a try!Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up.xoxoHeatherwww.HeatherlyLoves.com

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