Tophatter Online Auctions and My Alice In Wonderland Necklace

Tophatter did not sponsor this post, it's simply one of those sites that I love so much, I can't wait to share. 
Tophatter is an online auction site where you can buy and sell jewelry, art, housewares, clothing, accessories, handmade items, cosmetics, crafting supplies, vintage items, and more.

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15 thoughts on “Tophatter Online Auctions and My Alice In Wonderland Necklace

  1. Hi Mindie, your necklace is so pretty!!! I had never heard of Tophatter before! I was not able to access your email address for some reason? but I would love one of the 8 invites. I should be ready shortly for needing a venue like this. Is there a time limit once you have an invite? I don't mean I need the next six months or anything. Thanks so much for the offer. Very thoughtful!!

  2. Just sent you one Sue and I don't think there is any time limit. You should be able to sit in on auctions once you are a member. Nothing says you have to shop or sell right away, as far as I know.

  3. I did send it to that email address, I don't know if there is a delay with the invites since they are coming from Tophatter. I just left a message on their help line asking someone to check on the status of your invite. Hope you get it soon.

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