What I Wore New Ross Fashion

Our small town recently opened  a Ross, our first discount store!  It has been so nice not having to drive an hour to Reno to find some fabulous deals.  I love the great prices and trendy items you can find at Ross.  I love my two most recent Ross purchases, pictured above, a long tank dress, only $6.99, and lace top, only $9.99.  You know I love bargain shopping, so what about you?  Do you Ross?
PS, I had fun on PicMonkey with their new collage feature!
PSS, I don’t know why it looks like I am dancing in that bottom right picture, I promise I wasn’t dancing in my front yard.  My neighbors probably already think I am crazy, I don’t need to make matters worse.
PSSS, yes I am wearing pig tails, it’s almost Summer, and I can do what I want LOL!

13 thoughts on “What I Wore New Ross Fashion

  1. Dance party at Mindie's! Love the piggies, I wear them all the time 🙂 Your outfit is adorable, that dress looks super comfy too.Crafty Soccer Mom

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