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Every week I try and share a “What I Wore” post however this week, it’s not happening. You see I have been madly prepping for my 4th of July craft show.  I don’t think we need to see pics of me in my robe or sweatpants, so instead I thought I would share my fabulous Pinterest closet.  It’s so much better then my real closet.  My Pinterest closet is not limited by space or cash. If I had my Pinterest closet in real life, I would fit right in with the cast of Sex and the City. I could drink martini’s with Carrie Bradshaw, and stare at my stunning shoes all day, while talking about Mr. Big. The best part is, those heals don’t even hurt my feet in Pinterest land.
I am already looking forward to Fall so I can pull my boots out again. This top looks like it could hide a multitude of sins or rather muffin tops, but what am I worrying about, my body is perfect in Pinterest land. 
Yes in my Pinterest closet, I match each outfit to the perfect shade of polish, and guess what, my nails never chip! That’s because there is no house work or dishes to do in Pinterest land.
Yes just about all of my outfits in my Pinterest  closet come with the perfect tote. You see in Pinterest land I am always headed out someplace amazing.  This little collection is what I will be wearing on the 4th of July, at least in Pinterest land. 
Well I could share a hundred more stunning collections from my Pinterest closet, if I only had the time.  If you would like to see more of what I would like to be wearing, then follow
So what’s in your Pinterest closet, oh no, are we wearing the same outfit in Pinterest land today? 😉
Please share your style, and more, at our Anything Goes linky, every Friday to Monday. To see where I party, Check out my LINKY LOVE page.

7 thoughts on “My Style

  1. Alright, so now your goal should be, after your recover from the 4th madness…to try to replicate these outfits! I can totally see you wearing that last one, like it seems like I've seen you in it. WEIRD, right?! LOL

  2. I'm so glad I swung by. You made me laugh. Sweatpants can be a regular for me and don't get me started on my imaginary closet on pinterest. Love all your picks. I may swing by your pinterest.

  3. I will do that, I don't have a striped skirt, and this one is sold out, however I have a red and white tank dress that I could wear under a white tank. I will see if I can pull off a similar look without buying anything new. 🙂

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