Book Shelf Accessory/Jewelry Display Tutorial

I have another fabulous display idea for craft shows. Of course you could use this display for a wide range of things.  It would even be a nice way to keep your own accessories organized.  My husband and I made this together. Basically it's a book shelf, with chicken wire on the back, for hanging accessories, and push pins on the sides and front for hanging necklaces.  I am going to use it mostly for displaying miniature book earrings and necklaces, however you could use it to display magnets, hair clips, pins, or whatever you like.  My husband did all the saw work, we like me with all my digits, and he knows what a klutz I am.  I wanted to keep it very simple to make, small enough that I could easily transport it to craft shows, and have it easily fit on a display table. 
Craft Show TIP; display 1 of each style of earrings or accessories on the chicken wire backing, and necklaces on the pins, then have lots of duplicate items packaged and ready for sale on the shelf portion.
Materials Used:

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5 thoughts on “Book Shelf Accessory/Jewelry Display Tutorial

  1. EEK!! I love this! Great job you guys 🙂 It looks great, and I love how you can display several different types of jewelry. This would be cute for someones bedroom too. Thanks for sharing Mindie!

  2. This is so cute. It looks like it would also work wonderfully turned around. Using the flat side for your display and the shelves easily in reach to grab the product and give to the customer (of course if you used it this way you might want to number your samples or keep them easily distinguishable).

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