Keeping The Passion In Your Marriage

Marriage is not always easy. Sometimes it's easy to forget why you fell in love in the first place, when work, kids, and household chores keep you from simply enjoying time together. I have been with my husband for over 15 years, and one thing that I have learned is it's very important to make time for each other. It's not putting your own needs first, over the kids, it's making sure the foundation of your home, your bond, is strong and healthy. Making time just to enjoy each others company, talk, and cuddle 😉 has to be a priority in your marriage for it to be a happy and healthy one.
I recently received some fun new items from Eden Fantasys. Items that are fun to use together, as we enjoy each others company as man and wife.
The Getaway Kit we received is amazing. It comes with everything you need for a couples sensual massage, and all in a compact travel case! Perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. The French Vanilla Kissable Cream is worth the price of admission. It smells like vanilla cake batter, and leaves your skin feeling super soft. The feather tickler is hours of fun too! Guess what, the kit is on SALE now too!

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