Merci Chocolate Christmas Giveaway and Review

There are so many things I am thankful for and I bet you feel the same way. The holiday season is a particularly great time to share a meaningful thank you. Whether the person you want to thank is your neighbor who throws a great party, or your postal worker who delivers the mail with a smile, there is no better way to share the ‘Joy of Thank You’ than with a box of Merci chocolates.This holiday season I shared my box of chocolates with our Realtor. She has been more then helpful to our family.
Merci asked me to review a box of their chocolates, and to host a giveaway for a box too!  Would you like to win a box so that you can share a meaningful thank you with someone else this holiday season?  Each box of Merci includes a delicious selection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients.  Flavors range from Milk Chocolate, Cream Truffle, Hazelnut-Almond, Dark Cream, and Praline-Crème. They are truly scrumptious, and make the perfect thank you gift.
Use Rafflecopter form below to easily enter for a chance to win one box of Merci chocolates. 


67 thoughts on “Merci Chocolate Christmas Giveaway and Review

  1. I am going to give to my hunny because he is so supportive with EVERYTHING I do and we have both been through a lot in our lives and with us having 6 kids its wonderful for us to still love and care for eachother like a lot of couples don't anymore.

  2. My aunt who has graciously joined our holiday traditions since my mom passed away two years ago. We love having her here and I am so grateful to share memories of mother with her.tridingermckee at gmail dot com

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