Anything Goes Linky # 95

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Well voting is over for the Pillsbury Bake-Off Doable Dinners Category. I will find out April 4th if I will be headed to Vegas in November! Thanks again to everyone that took a few seconds to vote.

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Anything Goes Linky # 94 and I Need Your Vote In The Pillsbury 1 Million Dollar Bake-Off

Here is a peak at the highly coveted 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off apron! Since Pillsbury chose me to be 1 of 60 semifinalists in the Doable Dinners category, they sent me an apron! The question remains, will I have the opportunity to wear it to the live Bake-Off, to be held in Vegas this coming November. With your VOTE I will have a great chance at making it to the Bake-Off, and making a dream come true. Want to see me rock that apron, I sure do. Big bacon hugs to those that have already voted, and thanks in advance to those that will do so today. 
Bacon Asian Orange Chicken Pizza
Mindie Hilton
Susanville, Ca

Now lets get this party started!

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Anything Goes Linky #93 OMG I Need Your Vote I Am A Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest Semifinalist!

That’s my pizza pictured in the Pillsbury Bake-Off Recipe contest voting Gallery!

Bacon Asian Orange Chicken Pizza 
By Mindie Hilton
Susanville Ca
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The last two weeks have been so hard. I have had a secret, and as they say, secrets don’t make friends. You see, I found out I am a semifinalist for the one and only 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off! My recipe is competing online, voting starts now, and ends on March 28th.  You may have watched past events on the Food Network. They are kind of a big deal, and I am in total shock that I am going to be apart of it all, well maybe apart of it all. You see the Pillsbury kitchens judging panel has narrowed it down from thousands of submissions to only 60 recipes from the first category Doable Dinners. Now they want the voting public to narrow it down to only 33. The 33 semifinalists with the most votes (not bad odds) will receive a paid trip for two, to the live Pillsbury Bake-Off contest, to be held in Vegas this coming November.  After all categories have been said and done, a total of 100 finalists will compete in the live Bake-Off for 1 MILLION dollars (by the way I said that last part in my best Dr. Evil voice). Right now I can’t even think about the million, I am simply hoping to win a trip to Vegas to meet the celebrity judges and 99 other finalists for the Bake-Off of all Bake-Offs! That’s where you come in. Many of us have been partying together here for 93 weeks now, and I would sure appreciate your support. It only takes seconds to vote, and will help me make a life long dream come true. Living in a small northern Cali town, I fear I don’t have a chance compared to finalists from a big city. Help this little country girl, who stayed true to her blog roots, with a recipe submission of Bacon Asian Orange Chicken Pizza, win a  chance of a life time. If you have it in your heart to vote for me, maybe take it a step further and share with friends and family. Every vote helps. If I make it to this amazing live Bake-Off, I will be sure to take lots of pics, and share my experience with all my family here at Bacon Time. You can only vote for my recipe once. You will need to create a Pillsbury account, and all it takes is an email and a password you choose. Thank you in advance for your vote and support!
And now onto the Party!


Anything Goes Linky #92 And LiveLuvCreate Review

I recently discovered a cool site called LiveLuvCreate where you can make inspirational images easily online, and share them with people. You can use their images or your own, and add text to make some really funny or inspirational posters. These posters can also be used as your Facebook cover! As you may have guessed, I made the poster above at LiveLuvCreate. 

I admit it, I am already addicted to making posters. It’s so easy and fun to do at LiveLuvCreate. You can make your posters private or choose to share them. If you choose to share them, other users can “heart” your creation, and or comment on it. I hope you will check out and create your own poster today. 
Now who is ready to party?


Anything Goes Linky #91 And A Creative Princess Review

I am posting the party a bit early this week because I am so ready for the weekend.  I want to give a special shout out to a sweet peep by the name of Terri. You probably already know how wonderful Terri is, and how crafty she is with  her blog A Creative Princess. I personally have been having a hard few weeks. Work has been, lets say challenging. My little Lucas has been dealing with bronchitis for months now, and is on yet another prescription. Then on top of it, he came down with a case of the stink eye, a.k.a. Pink Eye. Lucky for me, Lucas and I shared a pillow last night! As I type, I am telling myself my eye doesn’t itch or feel like it’s growing cheese. Did I mention I have a sinus infection? My husband actually slept on the couch last night since he said I sound like a harmonica when I sleep. By the way, it’s so much fun putting eye drops in a toddlers eyes, 4 times a day! Thank goodness I have no other responsibilities on my plate for the next week…cough…sarcasm.  OK so I am whining, and deep down I know I am fortunate and blessed.  Speaking of blessings, let’s get back to Terri. Terri has been a real friend, and always willing to lend an ear when I have been feeling like I am losing my mind. She recently sent me the cutest washer bunny necklace.  She even has them available for purchase here at A Creative Princess Etsy Shop.  The necklace was packaged so nicely. This lady sure knows how to make someone feel special and loved. Which is why I highly recommend her blog and shop. Thank you Terri for the sweet early Easter gift, and most importantly for being such a great friend. 

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