Recycled Light Bulb Carrot Ornaments

Maybe it’s because my Bacon Asian Orange Chicken Pizza is a semifinalist recipe in the Pillsbury 1 Million dollar Bake-Off contest, or maybe it’s because carrots always remind me of Spring, either way I have orange crafts on the brain. This “orange” craft is also green, recycling old burned out light bulbs into ornaments. 
Materials Used:
Old Bent Tip Light Bulbs
Orange Yarn
Green Yarn
Green Floral Wire
Hot Glue
Green Permanent Marker
Orange Permanent Marker
Using scissors or wire cutters, cut floral wire in half. Wrap it around the base of your light bulb, forming a loop for hanging. With hot glue, attach orange yarn, wrapping tightly around bulb as you go. At the base of bulb, wrap green yarn tightly around base and floral wire. Hot glue ends of yarn down. Tie a bow around top of bulb with more green yarn. If any hot glue shows up white, color it in with your permanent markers.
Well that’s what I have been making. What have you been up to? Please come share at our Anything Goes weekly linky party.  If you have not cast your vote yet in the Pillsbury Bake-Off please do so now. My Bacon Asian Orange Chicken Pizza would love your vote. Voting ends for the Doable Dinners category on 3/28/13.

Savory, Sweet, and Stylish Fantastic Features

I am back from San Francisco.  Have you ever had a vacation that made you feel like you needed a vacation, if so then you know how I am feeling right now. Why don't I stop my complaining, and talk about how awesome you all are. As always I am featuring some of my favorite links from last weeks Anything Goes linky party.  
Life Made Simple shared these Buffalo Chicken Pizza Muffins that look and sound super good. 

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Recycled Ankle Bracelet Displays and Vases

These two cute vintage style ankle bracelet shoe displays and vases cost me practically nothing to make. They were recycled from empty Coastal Cocktails Cranberry Cosmo mix bottles.  They will be super cute this Summer as displays in my craft fair booth.
Materials Needed:

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Frugal Earth Friendly Center Piece Perfect for New Years Eve

Christmas is over, and if you are like me, you are feeling a bit sleep deprived.  Christmas can be crazy, even my littlest one (pictured below) found himself needing a nap (trust me, he doesn’t take many).
So this week I am going to share ideas you can use for a stress free New Year’s Eve party.  Starting with this wine bottle center piece.  I know I am pinching pennies over here after Christmas shopping.  The last thing I can do is purchase a costly floral arrangement for New Years Eve.  So what I have done is taken some branches from my Christmas tree and placed them in a green wine bottle.  I cleaned the wine bottle off first.  I used rubbing alcohol and hot water to get it clean and sticky free.  Then after it was dry, I hot glued some leftover plastic snowflakes to it.  You can find these flakes at Walmart for a dollar.  Then I decorated it with some tulle and some green floral wire.  You will want to fill it with water, so your tree branches don’t dry out. 
So you see with items on hand, using Christmas tree branches, an empty wine bottle, and leftover holiday ribbon, you can have your center piece for New Years ready in minutes.
Stick with me this week, as I share how I am getting ready for New Year’s Eve.  I will be sharing a festive Spicy Cider Martini!  You might even have all the ingredients on hand from Christmas to make it. Then I will be sharing an easy meatball appetizer recipe that will be ready in minutes,that can be prepared in your crock pot, and kept warm for your guests. Finally I will share a super easy festive dessert, that your guest can nibble on as they mingle.  The last thing I want to do on New Years eve is a bunch of dishes, so this week is all about easy entertaining.
I hope your Christmas was amazing!

Check out my Linky Love Page to see Where I party.

DIY Melted Snowman Ornaments

Well I am furiously trying to type up posts for all of the Christmas Ornaments we made this year.  As always, Christmas seems to catch me by surprise with how quickly it comes.  This little guy has been patiently waiting on our tree for his debut at Bacon Time, as you can see there is not much left to him (LOL).  Here is what you will need:

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Pine Cone Turkeys For Thanksgiving

I was beat to the punch with the pine cone turkey.  I saw a couple in blog land last week, but since I had this post ready to go, and my little gobbler is different then the two I saw, I thought I might as well still share him.
I love decorating with pine cones.  I have an abundance of them here in the Sierra Mountains.
This is a super quick and easy project for some frugal, earth friendly, Thanksgiving decor'.  The kids will have so much fun making these.
Here is what you need:

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