Anything Goes Linky # 95

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Well voting is over for the Pillsbury Bake-Off Doable Dinners Category. I will find out April 4th if I will be headed to Vegas in November! Thanks again to everyone that took a few seconds to vote.

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Anything Goes Linky #92 And LiveLuvCreate Review

I recently discovered a cool site called LiveLuvCreate where you can make inspirational images easily online, and share them with people. You can use their images or your own, and add text to make some really funny or inspirational posters. These posters can also be used as your Facebook cover! As you may have guessed, I made the poster above at LiveLuvCreate. 

I admit it, I am already addicted to making posters. It’s so easy and fun to do at LiveLuvCreate. You can make your posters private or choose to share them. If you choose to share them, other users can “heart” your creation, and or comment on it. I hope you will check out and create your own poster today. 
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Anything Goes Linky #88 and Advertising Opportunity

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If you would like to have your Etsy shop featured here at our weekly Anything Goes linky, please contact me  via email at There is no monetary charge for Etsy shop reviews, your only expense is the cost of sample product gifted and shipped to moi. 


Anything Goes Linky #87 And Easy Valentine Donuts

Welcome to the party! I thought I would kick off the linky by sharing a super easy sweet treat I made with my boys last weekend. People have been making homemade donuts  using canned biscuit dough for years. They are so easy to make, and with some Valentine inspired sprinkles, your kids will giggle with glee. I did the frying, and let my boys decorate the donuts with chocolate topping and sprinkles.
1 Can of Biscuit Dough (I used the small Pillsbury Buttermilk 10 count can)
6 ounces of Smucker’s Chocolate Toppings 
1/8 cup of Valentine Sprinkles
Canola Oil For Frying
Bring oil to 375 F degrees in a deep fryer or in a large pot on stove top. Carefully drop in your individual biscuit dough rounds. I flipped dough a couple times to ensure even cooking. It will only take a few minutes until they are golden brown on all sides. Remove crispy donuts from hot oil, and cool on a paper towel. When cool enough to touch, place donuts on a cooling wrack, with foil underneath, for easy clean up. Pour hot ice cream chocolate topping on top of each one, then top with sprinkles. 
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