Easy Divine Swine BBQ Beer Chili Beans (Reduced Sodium and Fat)

I love making a big pot of chili because it is so versatile.  We will freeze leftovers, and pull it out for a quick dinner during a busy work week.  You can serve it on it's own, with all the fixings, over baked potatoes, fries, tortilla chips, eggs, hot dogs, hamburgers, you name it.  These chili beans are very unique, and unlike any I have tasted before.  They are thick and hearty, with a nice BBQ flavor to them.  Did I mention they are super easy, you might be able to raid your pantry and fridge on any night of the week to prepare these. 
 I tried to keep this chili on the healthier side by using extra lean pork, light beer, no salt added canned tomatoes, and reduced sodium beans. 

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Reduced Fat Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

My boys love pizza, so I am always trying to come up with fun new ways to enjoy it.  I combined two loves with this one, pizza and chili dogs.  No it's not the lightest meal ever, but I did try to watch the fat content by using reduced fat cheese, turkey dogs, and 98% fat free turkey no bean chili.   I hope you will give this fun Reduced Fat Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza a try. 
1 (15 ounce can) of Hormel Chili Turkey No Beans 98% Fat Free (or your favorite brand)
2 cups reduced fat shredded Cheddar Jack cheese
1 roll of Pillsbury pizza crust dough (13.8 ounces)
1 package of turkey franks/hot dogs
2 tablespoons of yellow ground corn meal
garnish with fresh green onions, chopped (optional)

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